The Gentleman's Guide to Whoring

A Guide to Female Escorts, Dominatrixes, and Webcam Girls

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The Gentleman’s Guide to Whoring: A Modern Guidebook to Female Escorts, Dominatrixes, and Webcam Girls.

Only $12.95 for (Non-DRM) .PDF!

(or buy the Kindle version of The Gentleman’s Guide to Whoring $9.95)

Welcome to my guide about escorts, dominatrixes and webcam girls.  In this honest, non-judgmental e-book, I will show you:

  1. How to find local escorts & dominatrixes
  2. How to get a good deal and a good time from escorts and dominatrixes
  3. How to stay safe and guilt-free!
  4. How to get all your fetish desires
  5. How to treat an escort and how an escort should treat you
  6. A special section for online whores, a.k.a. webcam girls (especially Chaturbate girls.)

The bottom line is this 30-page e-book will explain everything you need to know to have great experiences with escorts, dominatrixes, and even submissives.

Not convinced? Check out my amazing Table of Contents:

About the Author
Why the Title?
Who Uses Escorts?
Guilt Free!
What Do You Want?
Where to Find Fun
Independent vs. Agency
Independent Girls
Agency Girls
Outcall vs. Incall
Transexual Escorts
Overnights and Extended Trips
Quality of Girls
Newbies vs. Experienced Ho’s
Protected vs. Unprotected Sex
On Being Sneaky
On Recording
Regarding Yours & Her Pleasure
Do’s and Don’ts!
To Tip or Not to Tip
Some of My Personal Experiences
Online Sex: AKA Webcam Girls
Getting Camgirls to Do What You Want
Public vs. Private Shows
Don’t behave like a Grey
OhMiBod & Lovense
Squirting Girls
Addiction and Falling in Love with the Girls
Five Things You Can Learn Talking to Girls on Webcam
Contact Me

  For about $12 you can save yourself hundreds of dollars wasted on bad experiences with escorts and dominas! This escort guide will teach you to have nothing but GREAT experiences  again and again! 

Only $12.95 for (Non-DRM) .PDF!

(or buy the Kindle version of The Gentleman’s Guide to Whoring $9.95, the best guide to escorts, and dominatrix guide,  gleaned through years of MY personal experiences.)

This is a great Beginner’s Guide to Escorts …
…as well as for experienced players to pick up new tips & techniques

Why I enjoy paying for sex

First of all, we ALL pay for sex, one way or the other. Do you want to pay upfront, or do you want to pay endlessly with hidden fees and taxes (as in a normal relationship!)?

I have been married, and usually have regular girlfriends, but that does NOT assuage my desire for whores! Whores are a fun and unique experience with someone new. Nothing can ever compare to the excitement of touching a new woman for the first time!

And as far as the costs of traditional dating vs. whoring…I would say that whoring gets the advantage of cost effectiveness.  If you date regularly, and let’s just assume that out of every 5 dates you get laid with a new girl (which seems extremely generous for most guys!). If you paid a mere $100 per date (another kind estimate if you go anywhere decent), you would be out $500 to get laid once….well a hooker would have only cost you $350, so you do the math.

In real relationships you pay for that sex in a myriad of other ways: loss of freedom being the primary one. You also lose privacy and a sense that your future can hold any possibility.  For the comfort of a long term relationship you lose excitement and the possibility of fucking more beautiful women!

So yeah I like paying for sex upfront. It’s honest, fair, and reasonable.  Women will make you pay for sex one way or the other, so if you aren’t paying cash up front, my man, I promise you, she will send the bill later in one form or another!

Regarding GFE ( The Girlfriend Experience)

These days GFE is all the rage. What guy doesn’t want to be treated like a real boyfriend, instead of some “john” off the street?  I have had some great GFE experiences, but throwing money at a girl is not necessarily enough to get a genuine GFE experience. Money is just a lubricant for good times with these ladies, and you can easily lose rapport, and that sense of true GFE if you don’t play your cards right. That’s why if you are into girlfriend experiences, my e-book is especially important for study: It teaches you to maintain and build good rapport, so every experience with a paid professional still feels GENUINE like a REAL girlfriend! This can actually be quite satisfying, especially if you have several GFE girls on the side…

What Dominatrixes Offer

Here’s a fairly full list of common fetishes a full-service dominatrix can perform:

Ass Play

Anal Beads

Adult Baby Training





Boot / High Heel / Shoe Worship


Candle Wax


Cock And Ball Torture

Collar And Lead / Leash

Confinement / Caging

Caviar / Scat

Corporal Punishment

Cross Dressing


Doctor / Nurse Fetish



Edge Play

Face Sitting

Face Slapping

Fantasy Role Play


Fire Play

Foot / Leg Worship

Forced Feminization / Sissy Training

Hair Pulling

Handcuffs / Shackles

Hard Sports

High Heels



Knife Play

Needle Play


Mistress / Slave Play


Nipple Torture



Pantyhose / Stockings

Piercing Play

Foot Fetish


Puppy Training

Religious Play




Strap-on Training (“Pegging”)

Slut Training

Sensory Deprivation

Spanking / Paddling


Talking Dirty




Water Sports / Golden Shower

Toilet Training



Whips / Whipping

Most doms won’t necessarily perform every single one of these, but you can check their list or ask;  they are all nice to discuss any fetish with.  Many doms link to their own websites with a list of available fetish services.


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